Friday, January 9, 2009

Preschooler Cookin'

I'm loving the Preschool Cookbook we got James for Yule. The book is Pretend Soup, by Mollie Katzen. It's got pictures with each recipe so even my three year old can see what to do next. The recipes are just right for preschoolers too- not too complex, and tasty. James gets very into selecting what he'd like to make and we put the ingredients on the grocery list. You can see the book in the recipe stand below.

We've been making Chocolate banana shakes the past couple days and I love seeing him proudly pour his brother and I our drinks the he made (almost) all by himself.

Chocolate Banana Shake:
1 Cup Milk
1/2 Banana
2T Cocoa
3 Ice Cubes

Put all ingredients in Blender. Blend. Pour. Drink.

Yes it sounds simple, but the magic is that James is getting to flip through the book, decide from the pictures what he'd like and see how to make that very thing, and then find that he actually is able to do it.

For more recipes, you may enjoy The Kids Corner on Mollie's website as well.


MaryAnne said...

What a great idea - and I love that the milkshake is sweetened using a banana instead of sugar. Thanks for sharing, I'll be looking for this book for my daughter!

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