Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lists Keeping- On Wall and Online

I use lists all the time. Below you see a picture of my list wall in my craftroom. The cabinets are our old metal kitchen cabinets, so I can stick my lists to them with magnets. I used to write these types of lists in notebooks and on slips of paper, but then they'd disappear. Now I always know where to find my lists, they're visible and easy to get to. I do still keep a notebook in my purse for when I'm out and about. The napkin's just stuck up there because I kept needing reminders on how to miter a corner the other day. This is excellent for me in the craftroom because when I get going on anything creative, my brain wakes up and thinks of bunches of important little things that must be written down. Now I can just turn and write on the appropriate list and get back to work. This is particularly good for those great ideas that I just MUST stop and do now. No, no, no, stay on task and write the idea on the "Ideas To Make" list.

Also on my list wall:
-Goals For the Month
-Sewing Room Improvements
-To Look for at Bookmens (local used book shop)
-Gift Ideas
-Wish List
-Menu Plan
-Things to Ask Michael (my husband)
And on a white board not pictured-
-To Sew
-To Do Online
-To Do
-Thank You Notes

For online list keeping I've recently discovered Springpad. ♥ This is a free site dedicated to lists. They have loads of suggestions and pre-formatted lists for things like houshold management, menu planning and recipes, trip planning, and holidays. (There's a great holiday card planner on the site.) You can also make your own Springpad from scratch.

I'm loving the ability to write down my household routines, schedule them if I like (it links up with Google Calendar) and also be able to edit them easily. I can make whatever diddly little list I like and know where to find it again, search it, tag it, share it. Yay. I function much bettter when I write things down instead of trying to hold onto skittering bits of information in my often-sleep-deprived brain. Now that I can easily find my lists when I need them, I'm sure to accomplish great things. Or at least I might remember to send a card to Grandma Rose on time next year.


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