Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wish Boats and Burning the Tree

Happy New Year! This has got to be one of my very favorite family traditions- burning the Christmas tree. What a send off to the previous year, and a bright hello to things to come.

This year we also made wish boats (if you'd like to make these there's a great tutorial HERE on youtube) out of folded paper. We stood around the familiar oak table and creased and folded and laughed as we followed my mom's lead to make boats for our candles. The room got quiet as we wrote our wishes for 2009, slipping into a reflective calm as we focused on the year ahead.
Wishes inscribed, we made our way down to the pond. One by one, we lit candles and sent the wishes sailing.
Wishing you a year of wonder and connection with those you love.


Betsy said...

How beautiful, Alissa.What a neat tradition. ♥

Written by Wendy said...

Alissa, I love to hear other peoples traditions, thanks for sharing that with us. I hope all your 2009 wishes come true :)

Rhonda said...

That is one of the most creative ideas I have seen for bringing in the New Year! I can only imagine how much your boys loved this. What a great family tradition. ☺

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Oh my gosh! I love this idea! How beautiful!

Alissa said...

I added this youtube tutorial to the post.

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