Monday, March 2, 2009

Playdough Raceway!

I have to admit- when I saw this idea in Making Make Believe (I love this book) I thought it seemed like nothing special. Little did I know the power of just a little suggestion to spark imagination.
We rolled out snakes of playdough and made this track for the cars. Soon cars were zooming, parking, towing and racing along. Leland went down for a nap and I went into the other room and James continued to chat and play away. When I came back the playdough had been all mushed up into a ferry (this was explained to me. Lumps made by three year olds can be hard to interpret, you know.) Next James want's me to make green playdough so it can be used for "walls and rails and tracks."

Here's the playdough recipe I used.

The other fun thing that resulted from this playdough play? The next day we played car wash and rinsed all the little blue bits off the cars that had been transported by playdough ferry!


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