Friday, February 27, 2009

Learning Curve

Whew- you know, before I had kids I never realized how nice it was to be able to sit and concentrate on one thing for LOOOooong uninterrupted pieces of time. I'm working on learning wordpress amongst other things, but quiet computer time and small boys don't actually mix. at all. So it's taking a while. Frustratingly I feel like all my creative energy is being sucked away by the computer and yet I need to be on the computer in order to get things moving along. I guess the benefit of the poor Boy-Os being sick today is that they're both napping at the moment. So I'll get back to work. I just want to get past this learning curve and get going again!


patricia said...

Oh boy, Alissa, I know just where you're coming from! I decided to self-host on WordPress last summer. I'd never had my own blog before--although I'd been reading them for a few years. I got WordPress For Dummies, a book I *highly* recommend if you're trying to figure out WordPress. I had one week last summer when all my kids were in day camps, and I'd planned to mostly work on my writing. But, no. I spent all week trying to get my blog off the ground. Yes, I get the learning curve thing. You might get a kick out of one of my first blog posts:

Anyway, I've learned a lot about WordPress. I'm still very much a newbie, but I *might* be able to help another newbie along. So if you have silly questions, you know one person to ask. Good luck!

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