Monday, March 3, 2008

Makin' Menus

Most Mondays James visits his Grandma for a couple hours in the evenings, giving Michael and I a chance to do some planning (funny how with two kids, if we just have the baby with us it feels almost like kid-free time). Anyhow, I always forget to plan something easy so I don't have to focus on dinner, but this week I already have the soup and the cooked ham in the fridge, so dinner tonight should work well.

  • Monday- Pumpkin soup, Ham Slices, Cut up veggies
  • Tuesday- Quiche, Salad
  • Wednesday- Roast Chicken, Salad, Potatoes
  • Thursday- Chicken Eggplant Tomato Stuff, Rice
  • Friday- Chicken Soup
  • Saturday- Pork chops, apples, green beans, Rice
  • Sunday- BBQ Chicken Pizza, cut up veggies

  • Breakfasts- Banana Muffins, Oatmeal, Cereal, Egg veggie scramble, Dutch Baby on Sunday
  • Lunches- Left-overs, Tuna Salad sandwiches, Salad with Chicken on top
  • Snacks- Celery w/peanut butter, Yogurt with jam, fruit

Other Tasks- Make Yogurt (Organic milk is on sale this week) Bake muffins, Friday make a lasagna to parcel out and send to work with M.


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