Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Celebrating Spring Activities

My hard drive is shot, so computer is catch as catch can for now!

We're happily celebrating the arrival of SPRING.  I'm just doing a little activity each day with James.  Well, Leland is here too, but not participating in quite the same way.

For the week:
  • Monday- Leave out fuzz and yarn bits for the birds to pick up and make cozy nests.
  • Tuesday- Make Angel Food Cake and save the shell from all those eggs (12 egg whites!) to make these really neat candles
  • Wednesday- Use a few of the cleaned out shells for flower vases.
  • Thursday- Dye eggs, Celebrate the equinox with a big dinner and family.
  • Friday- Egg hunt
  • Saturday- Dinner at a friends house
  • Sunday- Renaissance Festival


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