Monday, February 11, 2008


ETA- Husby quite sick all week. Plans pretty much went out the window.

Leland wasn't able to tolerate me eating dairy for about the first six months of his life (the dairy proteins pass into the breast milk and can be hard for some babies to digest). Now it doesn't seem to be affecting him so much; I feel like I have a whole new world of foods available again. I am happy he showed me I can live without dairy though- that stretched my cooking in a good way.

  • Monday- Chicken breast with sauteed onions, mashed cauliflower, cut up avocado (never did make that soup, or the cauliflower) Onion Soup
  • Tuesday- Bacon wrapped pork chops broccoli, rice more Soup
  • Wednesday-Roast whole chicken, salad, rice
  • Thursday- Dinner at brother's house, or left overs
  • Friday- Salad with sliced chicken left overs
  • Saturday-BBQ chicken pizza, sliced veggies Chicken Enchiladas
  • Sunday-Baked Manicotti- Husby saw them make this and has been requesting it, might be fun to make together. Also Salad Took the kids and had dinner at my Grandma's

Breakfasts- Breakfast sandwiches with bacon, cereal, yogurt with jam, eggs and toast

Lunches and snacks- Leftovers- from this week and from the freezer, veggies with dip, fruit, crackers and cheese, PB&J on tortillas

Other food related tasks- Seriously, I'm gonna make that pie. Meat for this week is defrosting already, Check with Sister-in-law about Thursday, Figure out what I need for the Manicotti


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