Monday, February 4, 2008

Menus for this week

  • Monday- Ham, Potatoes, Salad Totally forgot about the ham until way too late, ate frozen pizza with ham and pineapple instead
  • Tuesday-Savory Bread pudding, "Mashed" Cauliflower (Forgot the ham again) Brats, Apples, Salad
  • Wednesday-Brats, Apples, Broccoli Ham, Potatoes, Apples
  • Thursday-Quiche Left over Ham and whatnot
  • Friday- Dinner at friends house
  • Saturday-French Onion soup Dinner at Mom's house
  • Sunday-Roast Chicken, Something green Things from the freezer

    Breaskfasts- Cereal, Eggs, Yogurt & Jam ETA: and Breakfast Sandwiches, mmmm

    Lunches and Snacks- Sandwiches, Quesadillas, Left-overs ETA: Also celery with peanut butter. alot...may wish to think up new snack ideas before we all tire of this one.

    Other Food related Tasks- Must bake that pie that I owe Husby, Defrost Chicken midweek, prepare for roasting on Saturday using Cooks Illustrated directions ETA: Note that none of this happened. M. probably thinks I will never bake the pie. I will have to bake it and write a blog entry about why it is that I owe him this pie in the first place.


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