Friday, January 11, 2008

Pumpkin Cakies

Last night I was going to make pumpkin pie without the shell and got a bit carried away singing about "pumkin custard cups" to Jamie and somehow the thing I was singing about turned into pumpkin cakies (maybe it was rhyming better with making...?) Anyhow, James got all excited about cakies, so we changed to making these from a recipe in my old Betty Crocker cook book. This is the first time I've used any shapes silicon baking cups and they came out very nicely. I sprayed them with a shot of Pam type baking spray, and had no trouble getting the muffins, errr- cakies out.

By the way. These muffin cups came from the dollar section at Target and they were all connected together like a muffin tray, but I wanted to be able to use them as a cup in Husby's lunches as well so I just cut around them. I'm so pleased at their usefulness. Now I want to get some in other shapes for other seasons.
And what better way to enjoy a cakie than in a giant cardboard box with your Papa?
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