Thursday, January 24, 2008

Morning Snacks

Crackers and cheese, sliced apple, and hidden under the cracker cup, a wrapped chocolate.
We are really working at eating out less- not so much a problem for me, but Michael is at work all day, often on the road. His day goes much better (and healthier) if he brings food from home. I used to feel too pressured and wierd about packing food for him- (He's a grown up can't he take care of himself?) Eventually I realized that, yes, he can take care of himself, and he will, but he will eat better and cheaper if I pack lunches or snacks for him. So I don't HAVE to do it, but it is one way I can say, "I love you." in a tangible way.

For this snack I thought it would be a nice little surprise for him to find the chocolate, but before he left James picked up the container, saw the chocolate through the bottom and said, "Oh Papa, you need to get this open and so then you can eat that chocolate!! Mama is there chocolate in there?!"
Oh well.
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