Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Test Shots- Product Photos

Aack! Last night I spent some time trying to get a few decent photos of things for my shop, but no. They came out all wrong. The first one- well that apron not actually 'on' someone just looks like road kill. No good. I'll have to get my sister over here and take pictures of the aprons on her.

This bib with the harsh shadow I don't like and I think I need it to be really easy to take the pictures, so probably just laying things down, not hanging them.

Which is what I did here, (not that I expected to like the look of my carpet in the photo.) I'm thinking though, with the intensity of the flash on my little digital camers, I'll have to take the pictures during daylight in a well lit place so the flash isn't necessary. It just is too bright and ruins the color. Gee, that sounds doofus-ly obvious when typed out.

Oh well, here's to getting pictures taken today and actually listing things!

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B said...

I really love the aprons. They're fabulous. Tie behind the neck?

Alissa said...

They go over your shoulders and criss-cross behind the back then tie at the waist. I'll be listing one on Etsy tonight with a back shot too. Thanks for the compliment!

B said...

Ha, ooops that comment was ME, Bethany, from SB07. :) I saw it on Etsy just now - love it!!

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