Monday, October 13, 2008

Instead of a Snappi

Out of necessity I am continuing my cloth diapering creativity. With all the 'first choice' diapers in the wash, all we have left are prefold and these really big covers that require the prefold be fastened around the baby in some manner. Usually that means a Snappi, but those must have a hang out next to the missing sock pile, because we're down to one, and I can't find it lately either. Instead I wound up cutting a length of the hook side of velcro to go around Leland's back (the hook sort of helps hold onto the diaper.) Then I cut a shorter length of loop velcro to go across the front.  
The system's not perfect, but in a pinch- hey, it holds on the diaper! I had to share since I was feeling a little clever about my ingenuity, but I didn't want to suffer my husband looking at me with that LOOK if I tried to explain it to him. You know that look, right?

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