Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Bread

I left bread to rise and when I got home I found it smiling at me! Nice Husby.

We live at 7000' elevation so baking can be wonky. I'm a total novice when it comes to bread baking, but this high altitude bread recipe came out alright. In fact I have no pictures of the finished bread because it was gobbled up before I remembered. I've been in a slump (with the whole Big Organizing Goal and yet still teething baby and fast-growing-up-and-needing-moms-help-to-do-so three year old. You know.) So what do I do when I have no solutions and don't know what to do? Usually...I bake something, and truly as I was smelling fresh baked bread things just started to turn in my favor again, or it smelt that way. The bread was a bit dense and benefited greatly from the slathering on of butter (but then what doesn't?) The best part though, was that James invited me into his secret fort to eat some with him while Leland napped, and we sat in the tiny cozy interior and ate warm bread with jam and butter together and whispered about how we loved it.


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