Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No Grumps in the Kitchen

Today around five pm I was trying to pry clinging crying kids off my legs, rumbling and bumbling about making dinner, about to turn into the Mama-I-don't-like-very-much and instead (yay! Thank you brain for still working just a little even through sleep deprivation and teething baby care.) *bing* I realized I could change the situation. I stood the (protesting) three year old on a chair and told him he would be cooking dinner with me, "and you can crack the egg!!" Sidestepping the still sniveling grump crawling around on the floor, I put a bowl and Ricotta out, handed whining boy a spoon, and told him to put all the cheese into the bowl- he quieted down as now he had A Job To Do. I swooped up the grumpaluffagus and calmed him with the magic of Mama snuggles and cheerios. Since his older brother was no longer howling, he was willing to sit peacefully for a while in his chair at the counter. Whew, quiet, a chance to calm my own self down- and feel happy making dinner with my boys. I love it when I am actually able to put on the brakes and make a complete turn around. This turned into a lovely evening. Oh, dinner by the way was a lasagna-ish casserole, always a nice sort of dish because it makes for left-overs and an easy lunch the next day.


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